Our Story

People ask us all the time,
“What is the deal with the name?”

Why do we have the name of what appears to be a Mexican restaurant when we’re not one. Well, it’s not a long story. So, if you have always wondered about the name, here goes:

It all started back in 1979 when a couple guys from Buffalo, NY made a stop in Atlanta on their way to Florida. After touring the city and enjoying the weather, they decided to stay. All they had was a little bit of cash and a great idea – to bring Buffalo’s popular cuisine, Buffalo chicken wings, to the sunny South. It didn’t take long for them to find the perfect location for their venture, a quaint little taco stand on the corner of Virginia and North Highland Avenues –now known as The Virginia-Highlands. Their new restaurant opened as Taco Mac, using the name on the front of the little taco stand.

Original Virginia Highlands Taco MacWith limited funds, a decision soon had to be made. Renovate the kitchen or change the sign out front? The kitchen won and the name remained Taco Mac. Before long, other Buffalo natives came down to help Taco Mac introduce Atlanta to Buffalo chicken wings. Word spread fast about these delicious northern favorites. Soon, guests were coming from all around to try them. While the menu included other delicious south of the border favorites, it was the spicy wings that had people talking and returning.

As the popularity of Taco Mac’s Buffalo chicken wings increased, cold beer and sports became natural partners. The wall of drafts grew to offer the largest selection of micro-brewed beers and imports in the South. People from all over came to enjoy their hometown brew while watching their hometown sports team at Taco Mac. It became a favorite spot for guests to share an afternoon or evening of food, friends, family and sports. The wings were delicious and the beer selection was unparalleled. Atlanta was hooked!

As young guests married and moved into the suburbs, the Taco Mac family grew along with them. Although the new restaurants were larger and located in new communities, Taco Mac continued to provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for all. Soon, Taco Mac grew into Chattanooga, Tennessee and Charlotte, North Carolina, bringing along its unique combination of food, beer and sports.

Today, we have grown to become Taco Mac Sports Grill, with 28 restaurants across Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. We’ve updated our identity and expanded our unique offering of delicious, festive foods, the largest selection of craft, imported and domestic beer in the South, and the best sport-watching environment anywhere. Once you experience Taco Mac Sports Grill you’ll understand what makes it so special.

As Taco Mac Sports Grill continues to grow, some things will always remain the same. The Virginia-Highlands restaurant still reminds us of our humble beginnings and we remain committed to our loyal guests. Taco Mac Sports Grill is still famous for its Buffalo chicken wings and draft selection, but also for its family friendly atmosphere and warm, welcoming hospitality. It’s a recipe for success we’re not about to change.

Taco Mac is now T.Mac